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“Being intersex has put me in a whirlwind of confusion in my gender and sexuality. I instantly felt comfortable talking to Heather about my issues and she was able to help me find my true gender and improved how I look at sex!”

“I was going through some rough times with my partner. I had so much anxiety and
insecurities about a lot of issues. With the help of Heather I learned to relax and gain an understanding of some of my issues. She has been a big help for me.”

“I went to see Heather Cameron when I was struggling with some guilt/shame that stemmed from my past sexual experience. I was letting it affect my marriage. Thanks to Heather, I no longer carry those negative feelings and beliefs around sex and intimacy!
Heather was very easy to talk to, positive, gentle minded and able to shed a new lighton my past experiences and how I viewed myself. 
I now see myself as a strong, powerful, sexual, and confident woman again. It has helped my marriage and my sex life! Thank you, Heather!”

“Heather is highly recommended. Not only is she comforting to discuss deeply personal
thoughts and situations with, she solves complex issues with simple solutions. Heather
made a few suggestions to my sex life that immediately became game changers.”

“I am very happy to recommend Heather’s services. I have appreciated her guidance
and emotional support while I have worked through some very personal and difficult issues.”

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